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For answers to many common questions, check out the helpful information below.

Reach out anytime with questions or for more details on our packages, pricing, and process. Contact us here.

How do you deliver my wedding film?

All wedding films are delivered online through your own digital hub. Think of it like a DVD menu, except online. You can watch your wedding films on the hub, and with custom chapter points you can skip ahead to any section you want. You can also download your wedding films. We provide 4K Highlight Films and HD, social media-optimized files as well as the PDF of the music licenses for any music used in your film. Once you’ve downloaded your files, you’re able to share them any way you please.

What equipment do you film with?

We use professional wedding videography equipment including Canon cinema and mirrorless cameras, Tascam and Zoom audio recorders, Practalite lighting systems, DJI Drones and a variety of other accessories that allow us to capture high quality audio and visual footage for your wedding film.

How do you prevent lost/corrupt files?

We have many practices that prevent us having lost or corrupt files from your wedding day. For example, our cameras are equipped with dual SD card slots so every clip is recorded to both cards. In the case of a card corrupting (very rare!) all clips are duplicated on the 2nd card as well. All audio recordings have a back-up (sometimes multiple) recording source in case one fails during the event. After the wedding, all footage is backed up on 2 physical hard drives and in a cloud storage drive.

How do you take payments/do you offer a payment plan?

We require a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve your wedding date on our calendar. The remaining balance of your wedding package is due the week before your wedding date. 

Will my film have drone footage?

While we will do our best to capture drone footage of your different venues throughout the day, we cannot guarantee availability due to multiple drone-specific restrictions. This can include inclement weather conditions, droning permissions at venues, and FFA restrictions (there may be locations and times when drone air space may not be permitted). 

Will you be directing our shots throughout the day?


We pride ourselves on creating videos that don’t feel too staged and portray the couple and the day in a natural, authentic way. We do, however, want your film and you to look amazing, so we will always suggest small changes like opening windows for better light, moving to a certain area of a room while you put your jewelry on, etc. In most cases the only time we will “direct” shots is during our portrait time together. During this time we rely on giving you prompts rather than poses so you can do what feels comfortable which is always what looks best on film!

Can I choose the songs in my wedding video?

We subscribe to various music licensing sites that allow us access to great music, copyright free, for our videos. We select the music based on your preferences and theme for your overall wedding style. Specific song requests can usually not be accommodated, but we're happy to check our databases if you let us know before the wedding day, any specific songs you have your heart set on.

How do you record the audio during the ceremony/reception?

We have a few methods to record audio including using wireless, locally recorded lavalier mic systems (typically on the groom and officiant), digital recorders plugged into professional sound systems by your DJ or venue, and even small recorders attached to microphones being used.

How do you work with our other vendors?

It’s important for all of your vendors to truly be a team on your wedding day in order for everything to run smoothly. For us, it’s especially important we build a relationship with your planner/coordinator, your DJ/band, and your photographer. We start by introducing ourselves prior to even meeting on the wedding day to let them know we’ll be working together and any specific needs we might have from them. On the wedding day we make sure to stay in close contact throughout the day to make sure we’re all the same page and provide the experience and product our couples want. Particularly with photographers, we know we’ll be sharing time with you and them all day so it’s important to figure out a good balance so we can all get our shots for you so we make it a priority to communicate early and often with them.

Can I request changes to my video?

We want your wedding film to be perfect for you. Once your final film is finished you'll have one week to review and give us feedback on small tweaks you might want. We do our best to accommodate your requests. If, after one week, you decide on a change you want to make to your film, we will do our best to make those changes for you if we can, but cannot guarantee on a timeframe as we have other weddings to work on. 

Will you share my film online?

While not guaranteed, we typically share films on our online blog and social media channels. If you do not want your film shared online, just let us know and that is no problem at all. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss out!

Can you help make recommendations for other wedding vendors or help with our timeline and event planning?

We have experience working with a variety of vendors in Indiana and are happy to provide recommendations for our favorites if requested. We also love to give input and feedback on your wedding day timeline and plans based on our experience at dozens of weddings. We’ve seen a lot and have a good idea what will and won’t fit in a timeline or look good on camera. Please reach out to us anytime for feedback or suggestions, we love to help make the day perfect!

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