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Andrea & Michael are two the kindest, sweetest, most joyful people to be around. I think it physically impossible to be in a bad mood when you're around them. Shooting their wedding at Michael's childhood home was such a great experience, one I will cherish forever.

Ysa & Garrison are the kind of people who immediately feel like you're best friends with. They are two people who are exploding with joy and love and that could be felt throughout their whole wedding day. The kind of day that makes me smile and count my lucky stars that I get to do this for a living.

Brooke and Blake had their first date at The Putnam County Fairgrounds, so it was only fitting that they chose that same spot to have their wedding. It was amazing getting to capture their love and watching them celebrate with family and friends was the biggest joy one can have. I know their lives together are going to be filled with great times, lots of laughs, and lots of love.

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